Your Business Partner for Improving Employee Health and Productivity

Health Action tailors its services to the needs and culture of your company.  With seminars, group and individual coaching, and ”after the health fair” services,  Health Action can help you create a healthier company.  Services for all literacy abilities are available in English and in Spanish.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company.  Reducing absenteeism and having your employees perform at the top of their game are tangible benefits of Health Action services.  Employees who have good health habits, manage diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes well, and use health care wisely are healthier and more productive. Our nurse coaches motivate and guide employees to great results. Healthy employees help the health of your business.

Health Action Makes Good Business Sense

Health is your business’s biggest expense.  Little physical exercise, unhealthy food choices, excess weight, and inefficient use of health care zap employee productivity.  Over 80% of medical costs are tied to employee behaviors.

More than 1 in 4 employees has a chronic health problem.  Poor control of diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions limits their energy and effectiveness at work.  With education and coaching, employees manage their conditions well, are better medical consumers, and enjoy better health.

Health Action Improves the Bottom Line

 Healthier employees

  • Have fewer absences
  • Are more focused on the job
  • Have fewer workers’ comp claims
  • Have lower medical claims
  • Use health care wisely
  • Have more energy
  • Are more productive

Health Action boosts the health and productivity of your employees

Real Results for Real People

  • Uses cutting edge nursing and coaching expertise
  • Puts employees in charge of their health and accountable
  • Builds on a personal connection
  • Employee-focused, results-oriented