Dr. Nurse Nancy’s simple 12-point guide to good health

You don’t need to buy anything special for healthy living. Here is a straightforward, easy-to-follow 12-point guide to healthy living. How many are you already doing?


  1. Eat well. Fruits, vegetables, fiber, low fat including fat-free milk. Limit fried foods and sodas.

  2. Enjoy your  body in motion. Find exercise that you enjoy, like dancing, walking, or biking.

  3. Protect  yourself.  Wear seat belts, helmets, PPEs, sunglasses, and sunblock.


    Be a proactive health care consumer.  Get your annual checkup and 6 month dental cleanings.

  5. Know your  blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol. Calculate your BMI at   www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/. Reach for your goals. Ask your health care   provider for a copy of your lab results.

  6. Sleep 6-8   hours a night. Sleep restores the brain, the body and the spirit. If you have trouble sleeping, figure out what keeps you awake at night. It could  be anything from stress to caffeine to barking dogs.

  7. Enjoy  healthy relationships. Cut loose the relationships that drain you.  Celebrate the people in your life.

  8. Go for no  or limited alcohol. If alcohol is a problem for you or someone in your life, call the local Alcoholics Anonymous at (407) 260-5408.

  9. Drink  plenty of water. Your urine should be almost clear. Dark yellow shows you need more water.

  10. Don’t  smoke. Don’t support the tobacco companies with your hard-earned money.   Call 1-877-UCANNOW for the Florida Tobacco-Free Quitline.

  11. Live  simply, within your financial means. Avoid financial stress.

  12. Enjoy life  every day. Do something good for someone. You’ll feel great.

That’s it! Start small. Commit to making one change today. Of course, you can do it. And you are so worth it.