Health Coaching

Health Action Brings Expertise to You

Key Personnel

Nancy Rudner, DrPH, RN, has dedicated her career to improving health. A family nurse practitioner with a doctorate in public health and health policy, Dr. Nancy has developed a wide range of interventions to assist patients,  communities and workplaces to improve their health and their interaction with health care. Her work has included developing an employee wellness center, university teaching, patient care, and health program evaluations. Practicing a healthy lifestyle, she runs marathons, kayaks rivers, and climbs mountains. Dr. Nancy’s dynamic, interactive coaching and seminars for all levels of literacy, in English and in Spanish, have produced outstanding results.

Health Action Advisors

Martin Wasserman, MD, JD, public health advisor

Karen Nielsen, MBA, MPA, Vice President, Velocity Bio Group

Leslie Lieberman, PhD, biomedical anthropologist

Helen Merren Lynch, PHR, human resources professional