Tips on taking your medicines

Bring a list or a bag with all your medicines (including over the counter drugs and herbal supplements) when you go to your medical appointments, the pharmacy, or the hospital  Ask your pharmacist and clinician questions about your medicines.  Get all your prescriptions from the same pharmacy.  Ask your pharmacist about interactions among your medications. […]


The typical U.S. diet has 3400 mg of salt, while 1500 mg is the recommended amount. Sodium in the salt can raise blood pressure, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, and weaken the kidneys.  While the salt shaker provides some of our salt, 75% of sodium in our food comes from canned and[…]

Keep your efforts on track

Some tips to keep your healthy efforts on track   Write down the reasons you want to make the change. Keep a log of your success and challenges. It can be a check mark on the calendar day for each day you take a walk or eat healthy. It can be a detailed log of[…]

What 10 pounds less can do

Losing 10 pounds can mean one less blood pressure medication, a decrease in LDL (the bad one) cholesterol of 40 points, a 20% decreased risk of stroke, and of course, the need for new clothes. Try one of these heart-healthy recipes.  

Track distance and food

Here is a great tool to calculate the distance and calories burned for your walk, run, or bike route: , find routes others have mapped out, track your progress, and track your food intake. Also,   you can enroll in one of the website’s cyber challenges for fitness.

Living will

If something were to happen to you and you could not make medical decisions for yourself, what are your wishes?  It is never too soon to designate your medical surrogate and have a living will.  You can complete these forms and have two people witness you signing them. Give a copy to the person you[…]

Power of Positive

Positive thinking and optimism are linked to good health. Build your positive thinking by giving thanks- tell others what you are grateful for. Stay physically and mentally active and look forward to each day, month, season, year. Counting your blessings is good for you.