Health Vender Assessment

Are you getting the best health fair for your money? Use this tool to assess the quality of your health fair vendor. The health fair is a starting point for your employee health program.

Checklist to assess the quality of your health fair vendor:

      • Are results available to employees verbally and in writing within 5 minutes?
      • Does the vendor give you, the employer, an aggregate report of the results?
      • Can the vendor’s consent process for employees include a release to share information to your wellness provider?
      • Are the health specialists conducting the screening trained in wellness screening techniques?
      • Are the health specialists giving the results of the screening trained and skilled in health counseling?
      • Does the vendor have a robust quality assurance system in place? What guarantees of testing quality does the vendor provide?
      • Can the vendor provide biometric testing at multiple locations and on multiple shifts?
      • Are follow up coaching services available for a reasonable cost? Will face-to-face follow up be available? Will a health professional be available to help employees develop plans for improving health and acting on the results?
      • Has the vendor been able to involve reluctant employees? What participation rates has the vendor had?
      • Will the screening include the five key measures?
        1) Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement of height and weight
        2) Blood Pressure
        3) Cholesterol (Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Total to HDL ratios
        4) Triglycerides
        5) Glucose (blood pressure)

Do you need help planning an efficient and effective health fair?  Health Action can help.