Mission & Vision

Health Action Mission

To guide, educate and support each person and group to make healthy choices and invest in their own human capital

Health Action Vision

We encourage, engage, and enable employees to improve their health.  Our success is seen in a healthier workplace and community.

Health Action strategies to achieve our mission

  • Tailor services to the unique needs and culture of each organization
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation and continuous quality improvement
  • Integrate services with the organization’s health plan, EAP services, and community resources
  • Provide actionable information, guidance, and ongoing support


Health Action Values

  • Health – Every person wants good health and has the ability to make excellent choices
  • Effectiveness – Value through effective services
  • Cultural strengths – Services building on diversity in cultures and literacy skills
  • Quality – Continuous assessments and improvements
  • Customer Satisfaction – Services exceeding expectations