Water, roads, trees are important for our health. Thanks to our infrastructure.

We have a great infrastructure. Clean water comes out of the tap. Roads are paved. Trees give shade. And more. I appreciate the work our leaders and city employees do to make Central Florida what it is.

I recently returned from a week providing health care in the rural mountains of Haiti. There, the people have many assets including strong families, community connectedness, and very little obesity – but not the infrastructure we tend to take for granted. Various political, social, and economic issues have blocked development in rural Haiti. This is a tribute to those who make sure we have the infrastructure we need here.

In the area where I was, the only water source is the river, the same river where everyone washes their clothes, donkeys, and children. There are some wells, but they were not working. Each day, family members bring containers of water from the river to use in their homes. Sewers are non-existent; intestinal infections spread easily. We treated several hundred children for intestinal parasites. The parasites also contribute to the rampant anemia, which zaps strength. Meanwhile, in Central Florida, teams continual repair the pipes and manage the water treatment so that we have clean water. Thank you water crew for taking care of our water.
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