Why Invest In Health?

Health Action helps you invest in your company’s future.

Invest in your most valuable asset, your employees. Healthier employees are more productive, more engaged, and more successful.

Improving employee health reduces absenteeism, increases presenteeism, builds retention, enhances the effective use of medical benefits, and boosts the bottom line.

Every dollar invested in health promotion saves an average of $3.27 in reduced medical costs and $2.73 in lower absenteeism. (Baicker, Cutler, and Song, Health Affairs 2010).  

Worksite health promotion programs reduced sick leave absenteeism by 28%, health costs 26%, and workers’ comp costs 30%.  (Chapman L, The Art of Health Promotion, 2005)

Whatever the size of your company, your employees – and your bottom line – can benefit from a workplace health program.   Typically, for every 100 people in a company:

  • 60 sit all day to do their work
  • 50 feel they are stressed
  • 35 are overweight
  • 20 smoke
  • 27 have heart disease
  • 25 have high cholesterol
  • 10 drink too much
  • 10 have hypertension
  • 5 have diabetes

These are some of the many opportunities to improve health and productivity with Health Action